Version: 3.3.1 || Release Date: 2012-02-11 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: Sophiestication Software | App Owner: sophia

CoverSutra gives music lovers a handy and attractive way to control iTunes without having to leave the currently active application.

CoverSutra gives music lovers a handy and attractive way to control iTunes without having to leave the currently active application. CoverSutra features a powerful music search feature along with global keyboard shortcuts and informative bezels that provide users with song and album details in an unobtrusive way. In addition, CoverSutra has integrated support for, the popular social music recommendation service.

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I also switched from Synergy. I bought CoverSutra for 7.95€ in the Back to School promo. This is a sexy app but IMHO there's no way that an iTunes Controller worth more than 10€.

I.E. Synergy costs 5€, is really CoverSutra 3 times better than Synergy? I don't think so.

BTW I love this app and I also will love some custom cover support (like vinyl replacement) anytime soon :)

I switched from the old Synergy to CoverSutra and I've really enjoyed its feature set and interface. I love its integration with, I never liked having iScrobbler running in my menubar for no reason other than to communicate tracks to, having CoverSutra take care of this for me is welcome. Registered.

Looks and works smoothly but 90% of the time I change what's happening in iTunes it's to switch playlists, not just skip a song etc., or to switch to a stream (currently using Hallon for switching to streams, and custom applescripts for switching to playlists). If these features were integrated, this would really be a step above competition in functions as well as UI.

Why do people keep mentioning Quicksilver. Yes, you can set up hotkeys for iTunes and it will show notifications. The problem is that the Quicksilver method does not work with the more recent versions of iTunes and the way it stores album art. So, unless you go through and manually add art to your tracks, your notifications will have no art. This is enough for me to consider an alternative to the free QS method. CoverSutra is well worth the price and is a great way to control iTunes. My two cents.

Regarding high prices for software: <a href=""></a>

Ok... I apologize, the word dupe was maybe a little rude.
It's because compared to other similar apps the price is really high, about $20...
I'm not saying i don't like your app, because i would lie then, hehe.

It's your right to claim a good price for your hard work and i got no right to complain with you about the price, but i simply think its a little bit too high priced.

Mal davon abgesehn is bei uns ja sowieso immer alles teurer als anderswo, ehehe~ Und da kann man jeden Euro gebrauchen...

So, now mark ma as spam or troll again - . - i deserved it.

<blockquote>I was planing to buy this.
But now they raised the price 5 euros... what a dupe.</blockquote>

Why do you call this a dupe? The price of 9.95€ was always labeled as an introductory price and exactly one month ago I raised the price to 14.95€.

surely there's many free replacements, but none of those has a comfortable HUD window which is much easier than a bunch of hotkeys.

also it's lightning fast, and looks exactly like a missing component of itunes or osx.

so consider a easy eyecandy or a free compromise.

With the new version supporting Growl this is one of the coolest iTunes controller programs I have ever used. It was well worth the money. In the past I have used Synergy, but this app is so simple and perfect.

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