Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2009-03-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Wooglie | App Owner: crsantos

A cool 3d race widget game!

in Macupdate:

"GRAFIQDESIGNER81- This is great for a free time waster...however some of the kiddies (and make no mistake about it...they are kiddies) chatting away make you feel like you've just contracted an STD while they try to hook up with each other. Apparently driving cars wildly around a desert with stunts abound makes teeny-boppers want to do "other things". I think this was the furthest thing from the developers' minds.

At any I said, a good time waster...really no skill or anything involved...just sit back relax...hit spacebar for a good boos, jump through the hoops, score points and avoid the kids trying to do "other things". Or really just try to look away from the chat...but since it takes up half the play area...that's kind of hard. If there's an option to take the chat out...find it and do it...or lets hope a new version has that

The graphics aren't anything spectacular, but they really aren't too hard on the eyes either. The car model is a bit weak compared to the landscape and buildings, but overall, the graphics are decent. More car models would be good.

The physics engine is decent enough too but could probably use a little more refinement.

Otherwise its a great time waster. "

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