Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2012-03-16 || License: Freeware Developer: Code 42 Software | App Owner: dornquast

Multi-destination backup software: back up locally, peer-to-peer, and online.

CrashPlan is the perfect backup solution for your home.

Files are automatically compressed, encrypted, and transmitted to your designated backup destinations. Easily back up personal files on your laptop to your desktop, USB drive or even friends' computers for free.

Use your own backup destinations to avoid online fees, enjoy greater security and faster recovery from data loss. Don't have a destination? Low-cost unlimited and family plans are available for CrashPlan Central, the built-in online destination.

Need to back up computers at the office? Check out CrashPlan PRO (for businesses backing up as many as 200 computers).

If you have more than 200 computers to backup, CrashPlan PROe is the solution for you.

CrashPlan runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and VMware - our enterprise virtual appliance for business, at no additional cost.

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current version on Mac is 3.0.2, not 3.8.x

I have used both Mozy and SugarSync but this is superior.

AppFresh appears to be comparing the family version of CrashPlan to CrashPlan pro, giving off a false sense of version upgrade available. I'd suggest not doing this as the two are completely separate products.

Hands down the BEST backup application for Mac (and Windows, Linux, and Solaris!)

Great, great program. Works perfectly, multi-platform, no complaints whatsoever. I gave up using mozy to use this. IMHO, the best feature is the ability to do peer-to-peer local backup on your home network which allows you to create redundant backups - one for catastrophic losses offsite (house burns down) and one locally for airhead deletions that you can quickly restore from.

Want to experience pain? Restore 30gb of files from Mozy - takes a week or more - no fun. Crashplan is quick and easy for local restores.

I've been testing this for a month now and must say that I'm very impressed. Everything is working seamlessly and haven't had a single issue. Backups and restores are working as advertised. Just purchased a family unlimited plan to keep backing up to the cloud...

I think this is the best online backup program I've ever used, and most likely the best backup application for Mac in general. I've tried Mozy, Carbonite, and a few others for long-term use and CrashPlan wins hands down. It uses the least resources, bandwidth and time to run and backup while being reliable and robust. This may sound more like a sales pitch, but I'm just extremely happy to have found a backup program that actually works for me without the reliability, performance and restriction problems I was having with Mozy. All in all, I'm surprised at the quality of the software, their support, and presentation.

After using CrashPlan seamlessly for a month, including testing the restore functionality, I've decided to purchase the 1 year unlimited backup subscription to CrashPlan central. CrashPlan has a great interface and like all good Mac software, it just works. Recommended.

Best backup I have used so far for my MacBook Pro. I have tried Mozy and JungleDisk as well, and this one works by far the best.
My Favorite points
-Runs as daemon so gets out of your way
-Does binary diffs...even if you move/rename files. Therefor it always uploads the minimum amount of data.
-Backup to multiple places at the same time

This is a fantastic piece of software. I downloaded it, installed it, configured my notebook to backup to my other Mac and everything just works perfectly.

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