CrashPlan PROe

No version information || License: Commercial with demo (69.99) Developer: Code 42 Software | App Owner: dornquast

Enterprise backup for laptops

Easily back up thousands of Mac, Windows, and Linux laptops to your X serve, Server 2003, or 64bit Ubuntu server.

Your files are automatically compressed, encrypted, and transmitted to your designated backup destinations. Easily back up your laptop to a desktop, the office server to an off-site location, or a remote employee's laptop to HQ.

Back up to our cloud, your cloud or build your own cloud for the ultimate in protection and security.

Engineered for laptops, CrashPlan PROe works quietly in the background on all computers, so while CrashPlan does its work, you can do yours. Most users never even notice it's there. But when they need a file restored, they're happy to know that the easy-to-use interface allows them to restore files quickly on their own.

CrashPlan PROe runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and now VMWare - our enterprise virtual appliance for business, at no additional cost.

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