Version: 0.2 || Release Date: 2009-01-31 || License: GPL Developer: SocaLabs | App Owner: rolandrabien

Image browser and viewer similar to ACDSee

Crossbow is an image browser and view for Mac OS 10.5 similar to ACDSee on Windows.

Some key features include:
- Thumbnail image browser with preview.
- Image viewer with fullscreen slideshow.
- Supports all Core Image file formats including jpeg, gif, png, tiff, pdf and raw.
- Displays image metadata including exif, iptc and gps.
- Create zip archives

Features coming soon:
- Batch resize, rotate, convert, rename
- File operations rename, copy, move
- Copy images from camera

Currently free until version 1.0

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2 Opinions

RAW support seems fairly limited… Not getting a preview of DNG files converted from DP2 X3Fs… Not sure why it would be unable to extract the preview from these DNGs, it seems to extract them without a hitch from others… Also since DNG is basically a beefed up TIFF, I would think all would be somewhat readable, even without a saved preview…

- Neat and Simple Image Browser.
- Just the Folder-tree, Preview, and Thumbnails.
- Suitable for people came from windows.

#I want to add "Browse with Crossbow" with Finder/Folder Context Menu..