Version: 8.0.3 || Release Date: 2010-02-27 || License: Commercial with demo ($69.95) Developer: CodeWeavers | App Owner: neiltc13

Your Windows Applications, Seamlessly Integrated On Mac OS X

CrossOver Mac allows you to install many popular Windows applications and games on your Intel Mac. CrossOver includes an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing Windows software simple and fast. Once installed, your application integrates seamlessly in OS X. Just click and run your application directly from the OS X Finder. Clicking a Windows file or document — including email attachments — will launch the appropriate Windows program, allowing you to work on the files. Best of all, you do it all easily and affordably, without needing a Microsoft operating system license.

Adding new Windows software is easy. Just place your install CD in your Intel Mac, and CrossOver will recognize it and offer to begin the installation process. CrossOver then completes the installation and configures your application to run on your Mac. That's all there is to it.

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Recommend the free WineBottler instead

Works well for my needs (Corel InfoCentral) but lamely only comes with 6 mos support / upgrades for your $39 then they want another $39 for the next 6 mos. Any cost advantage over alternatives will be gone in a year or so.

As I have to use IE 6 or 7 forseveral times a day for my work in school, this is a useful program for me. Faster than starting Parallelsor Boot Camp. But, indeed, doesn't support all Windows programs. Doesn't matter, I only need IE. So, check the list before buying.

7.0.2 CrossOver Mac - July 7, 2008

* Bug fixes:
o Fixed a bug in 7.0 which prevented printing in upgraded installs.
o Fixed running of Office 2000 and Office XP on some 64-bit machines.
o Fixed a saving failure in some Word 2003 and Excel 2003 documents.
o Re-enabled use of the 'default bottle' on the Mac.

7.0.0 CrossOver Mac - June 17, 2008

* New application support:
o Office 2007 (Including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and limited Outlook)
o Photoshop CS and CS2
* Bug fixes:
o Greatly improved online banking integration in Quicken 2007 and 2008
o Fixed service pack support for several versions of Office
o Improved IE support in win2000 and winxp bottles (though win98 is still better)
o Improved support for modern Linux distributions (especially Ubuntu)
o This build also includes countless wine fixes. Many small bugs should be fixed, and unsupported application behavior should be greatly improved.

I tried using it, found the software very functional (It does run unsupported software - they just cant test and support ALL windows software obviously). Great for running pc software without having to partition your hard drive and install windows - definitely saves hard drive space!

I did really like the installer which helps install windows software on a virtual C:\ Drive. I would like to see the C:\ mounted or at least Aliased on the desktop though. The open/save file dialog can get complicated being that your C:\ is located in your user directory and your mac drives are also available to select from.

I will keep it installed just in case, but usually I can find suitable or better mac software for most purposes. I may even try other free or open source versions of wine for OS X instead of this commercial software.

Unfortunately, HL2 is one of the few games it can run well.

Great product! I'm able to play Half-Life 2 reliably in OS X, both online and off. It's not perfect yet, but every new release seems to make big improvements over the previous. What's also great is that, if you're willing to help out by being an "Advocate," you can get the product for free.

Tried it. This concept is limited to supported and tested Windows titles. So, for example, my version of Word (2003) was not support (at the time I tested). I'm sure it is supported now but what this brought to light was the following: you develop your list of must-have Windows apps, see if CrossOver supports your list, determine if you can live with the results of that comparison. I could not. Also, I did not like CrossOver attempting to auto-launch Window executables. Likely that could be turned off but, by then, I was turned off.

you can now download the mac beta trial...there is a download trial's great

The Mac Beta is out I have downloaded it and pre-ordered it (preorders get a $20 discount and an extra 3 months of support).

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