Version: 2.6.1 || Release Date: 2010-05-17 || License: Shareware ($29.95) App Owner: captainneutrino

Quite simply put, CSSEdit will save your sanity when editing style sheets. Its intuitive approach to style sheets and powerful editing features will make you deliver beautiful standards-based sites in no time!

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One of the nicest OS X apps I've ever used. Beautiful interface and functionality.

The best app on OS-X at the moment.

Version 2.0 is so incredibly good I bought it. Allows editing css/html/php pages from Cyberduck.

The code hinting in CSSEdit is so fast and light-weight it makes that worth the money just for that alone.

Just a beautiful piece of software and very mature

2.5 is sick...Tabs!

superb. this is a fabulous application in every regard, absolutely worth the cost of admission. there's more room for features, which I expect are forthcoming.

I'd like to pick items in preview and have cascade info as well as style defition and stylesheet location, for example --- more of some of the behavior in xylescope, which doesn't have any authoring capability like cssedit.

this is the best program i have ever used, it is incredible. beautifully designed, if you have a widescreen montior it utilizes it perfectly, it is a must-have for anyone coding CSS.

This is just f-ing excellent! What an amazing leap since v.1.

One of the greatest web dev apps of the moment. It has smart editing features (as in, raw editing), but also provides you with stuff like the revolutionary live preview. Edit your styles locally and it'll show you what will happen, even on dynamic, AJAX-driven sites.

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