Version: 2.6.1 || Release Date: 2010-05-17 || License: Shareware ($29.95) App Owner: captainneutrino

Quite simply put, CSSEdit will save your sanity when editing style sheets. Its intuitive approach to style sheets and powerful editing features will make you deliver beautiful standards-based sites in no time!

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Version 2.0 is simply great.

Yeah, if you are trying to learn CSS, like I am, this is a must have.

I've never had the slightest problem with it, even since i switched to an Intel machine.

It's brilliantly simple to use and I actually LEARNT most of what little I know about CSS thanks to its superb, clear, user-freindly interface.

Well worth the money.

Brilliant app, just riddled with bugs and unexpected crashes. You really have to be careful about it dropping new divs and classes right slap bang in the middle of some formatted code.

Still, l use it everyday.

Great app. I only wish it would be updated to fix all the bugs it currently has in Tiger.

Excellent application. Very complete for a 1.x - wait till 2.0 comes out!

A very tightly designed and extremely functional application that blows away the competition in terms of sheer usability – and that's from someone who usually prefers to hand-code CSS. That's the beauty of CSSEdit – it's still the best CSS editor even after you've moved to the source-only view because all the attribute references and code assistors are still there. Love it!

Can't wait for v2.0

Amazing app. Would never have learned CSS without it, and as such never learned to code websites without it. Top notch, for beginners and advanced users alike.

CSSEdit has more than once saved my day!

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