Version: 4.3.1 || Release Date: 2013-03-05 || License: GPL Developer: David Kocher | App Owner: dkocher

Cyberduck is an open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files and Amazon S3 browser for the Mac. It features an easy to use interface with quickly accessible bookmarks. The outline view of the browser allows to browse large folder structures efficiently and you can quickly preview files with Quick Look. To edit files, a seamless integration with several external editors makes it easy to change content quickly. Both Amazon CloudFront and Cloud Files from Rackspace can be easily configured to distribute your content in the cloud. Many OS X core system technologies such as Spotlight, Bonjour and the Keychain are supported and a large number of translations makes you feel at home.

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It's a crappy app. it never works when you upload a lot of files. always some files end up not uploaded. specially if the process get interrupted.

By far the best simple ftp client out there. I tried Flow as part f the macheist bundle, but despite the good reviews, I didn't find it as intuitive as Cyberduck.
It is freeware, but I will definately be donating sometime soon!

Large file uploads seem to be a big problem. The resume function acts like it is working, but corrupts the file.

great app. I love it. One thing that should be better looked into is the connection flow. Its not clear where you create a favorite link etc. This makes me go to the history and use it instead, which is not very nice. I specially love the feature where you can open a remote file for editing in textmate and have it upload automatically whenever you save it.

I use Cyberduck for my SFTP connections and have never had a problem. It's easy to use, works well, and is totally free :D

On the site U can find a Beta for snow leopard and that one works.

Should add that remote QuickLook is a very cool feature - Cyberduck has become my FTP/SFTP client of choice for web site maintenance, & I'll probably use it for incremental backups.

Works very well but has a not so slow memory leak - from 60MB real memory to 120MB used in about half an hour while uploading to S3. I left a large (4GB or so) upload going overnight and woke up this morning to find my computer frozen -- can't prove it but am almost certain this was due to Cyberduck using up all available memory, since the comp had never frozen before.

Does not work on Snow Leopard due to unavailable Cocoa Java bindings.

I've used CD for a year with nary a crash or hang. (OS 10.4.11 & 10.5.6, macpro & MBP, all intel. UI isn't so hot, but free and in active development is fantastic.

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