Dashalytics (AnalyticsWidget)

Version: 0.1 || Release Date: 2010-03-07 || License: GPL Developer: Vlad Alexa | App Owner: valexa

A dashboard Widget for OSX that offers quick access to Google Analytics statistics.

AnalyticsWidget is a free dashboard widget for OS X that displays Google Analytics data.
There are 3 types of reports : Content Overview, Visitors Overview and Traffic Sources Overview , each of these also has 3 views: a graphical main view, a table of small graphs, and a textual view.

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i forked this into AnalyticsWidget to continue development as Dashalytics was abandoned and stopped working in 2008

be wary of download links posted in comments as they could be created in order to steal your google login credentials

The last v3.05 fixed was broken... so here is a new v3.05 fixed... AGAIN!


Fixed version 3.05 here:

Unfortunately it doesn't work.

There's a new version on the way which will take full advantage of Google's new reporting

mine had a hickup when google changed my account to the new analytics, I just added the username/password again and it has been fine ever since.

What do you mean? It still works for me...or at least it appears to.

Sadly, it stopped working with the new Google Analytics refactoring of reports etc.

This widget pretty much made me turn Dashboard back on. I had been very down on Dashboard but seeing this made me want to try it out. Liked it so much that I couldn't not use it.

I really love this program. It makes takes my Analytics fanaticism to a new level.