Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2008-10-07 || License: Included with OS Developer: Apple Inc. | App Owner: colindunn

Dashboard hosts nifty mini-applications called widgets that appear instantly and keep you up to date with timely information from the Internet. View stocks, check weather forecasts, track flights, convert currency and units of measure, even look up businesses in the phone book.

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Barely used it since I got an iPhone. Most of the 'little info apps' have a similar version in the iOS App Store.

I used to be a big user of Dashboard and had it bound to an expose corner and packed with cool widgets. iCal events, google search, iClip lite, cyberduck upload, terminal, notes launcher, To Do Tracker, System Stats, trash monitor, and some custom hacks among other things. All were individually quite nice and useful, but put together they bogged down my whole system. I started with a shell script to restart the dock and thus kill dashboard; I would run this whenever Dashboard was lagging up my system. Eventually I wound up just disabling it completely via the widgets preference pane.

I haven't really missed it. Dashboard did little to actually help my productivity, as most of the stuff I was doing in widgets could be done in regular applications. However, the cool factor will always be appealing.

You could just as well had entered "OS X", itself, for this entry. Or maybe skipped it alltogether? :)

Mis-direction with regards to licence, it's like saying "bluetooth file exchange" these are intergrated in to OS X unlike the ilife packages. Dashboard is intergrated in the OS.

Dashboard comes with Mac OS X Tiger (10.4). And it will come with Leopard (10.5) too.
It is not sold separetely. You pay for THE WHOLE operating system. (Not just for the application.)

ROTFL (the License...)