Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2008-05-31 || License: Freeware App Owner: billu_dada

encrypt decrypt files using a small widget

MINIATURE VERSION NOTES: I have received many requests for a miniature version of my DashCrypt Widget. This one has a much smaller footprint for smaller displays. Thes instructions and messages on the reverse is a little harder to read, but that is a small comprimise for footprint size.

We frequently use encryption on "Eyes Only" files for storage and inter-departmental sharing. This widget utilizes the OpenSSL libraries built into OS X and uses the AES 256-bit cipher. We recommend archiving your files for smaller encrypted files. Currently, this widget does not archive before encrypting. This requires you to archive ( tar.gz, sit or zip ) directories prior to encryption.

To use this widget, begin by dragging a file or archive in the Finder, opening the Dashboard (F12) while dragging, then dropping the file on Encrypt or Decrypt. You will be prompted for a password and confirmation of your password. Click Submit and your file will be processed. After encrypting, resulting file (yourfile.enc) may be safely distributed, but remember, passwords should never be sent in cleartext in emails or other digital means. We suggest sharing passwords in person. Decrypting .enc files requires the original password. Note: This software is distributed freely and has been tested thoroughly for bugs, however, use at your own discretion. DigitalCraft Consulting is not responsible for lost data.

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Great easy to use widget for password protecting your files. I have not had any issues after using the program for the past 2 years.