Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2009-04-23 || License: Freeware Developer: Alwin Troost | App Owner: nandez

DashLock is a widget that adds a little lock to your Dash.
The widget allows you to quickly lock your screen and swi ch to loginwindow,keeping your session active.

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This function is already in OS X.

In Applications folder, open Utilities folder. Open Keychain Access app.

In Keychain Access menu, select Preferences. In General tab, click "Show keychain status in menu bar". Padlock icon appears in menu bar, shows whether login keychain is locked. (You can quit Keychain Access now.)

Click padlock icon, drop down menu appears. Click "Lock Screen". Screensaver appears.

Touch any key, login box appears. Enter login password to unlock screen.

@kalessin : Well, hot damn! You learn something new everyday. Thanks for the tip. I had to enable the menu item since there is only one user on my account but it is there now and very useful. Thanks.

I still like the Dashlock concept though.

@narin : surely you can just go to the user menu on the menu bar and select "Login Window"? No extra software or tweaking required.

And of course, a few minutes later I learn about this:

So now we can choose to clutter up either the menu bar or the dashboard ;)

I was very surprised to learn that OS-X doesn't have a built-in method to lock the screen! So this widget does the job quite well. Could just use a smidgen of graphics/animation improvement.

This is a great widget! I discovered this a few days ago and now use it all of the time when I'm at work and need to leave my desk for a few minutes.