Version: 1.4.1 || Release Date: 2011-08-07 || License: Other Open Source Developer: MachineCodex | App Owner: mt36000

your calendar in a line

DateLine is a small, simple app which displays a linear calendar on your desktop in a transparent window. It provides easy access to iCal by double clicking on a day. The background and text colors are customizable with support for transparency.

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Once, I was completely depending on iCalViewer, an app with some similarities to DateLine.

iCalViewer was my beloved favorite app for years and it's a little bit emotional to separate from it, but, I find DateLine even greater.

DateLine's winning feat is the fact that it manages to 'always be there – yet stay away' in a perfect, zen-like fashion. Instead of showing events with text and everything – as was the case with iCalViewer – this application will let you hover your mouse over dates in order to see your info on each day. Much smarter.

On a less satisfactory note:

I find it somewhat glitchy, when you click on a date with info in it and move your mouse out of way. I may be wrong, but it feels like in 90% of the times you click on a date, its info stays open. And the rest of the times, the info window will go away. So, more robust operation in that regard would be appreciated.

Same problem applys to 0.91, it wants you to upgrade to 0.910, I am not sure why this happens!

version 0.82 updated successfully to version 0.900

Same issue with 0.872

I have version 0.87 installed, it says that there is a newer version, 0.870 which I don't think this might need updating

don't save my pref settings... :(

I for one like this app. It looks really nice of the desktop and clicking a date to open iCal is really handy. It would be perfect if days with events got highlighted. In version 0.4 maybe? wink wink

is this just for cosmetic appeal? i don't see the point. it looks nice, but you could get the same information by looking at ical's dock icon. i guess if you have your dock hidden this would come into play..