Debug The Api

Version: 1.01 || Release Date: 2013-10-11 || License: Commercial with demo ($5.99) Developer: Leks Zhang | App Owner: leks55

Debug The Api is a simple but powerful tool for developers to build and analyze datas from http request based apis. When we are developing an application, we usually need to call several apis from web server in order to get datas. Finding apis’ changes (maybe bugs) and rebuild models in a quick way is what Debug The Api attend to do. Api developers and app developers can use it to find out problems. There also special function for Objective-C and JAVA developers, which is, generating source code of data models and api calling method code. Everything will be done just as easy as you can imagine in order to save those times spent on looking for errors of returned datas in plenty lines of log and writing data model code inflexibly.

1.Project Management
Easy creating and saving projects including Apis, Beans in outline based panel just like Xcode.

2.Bean Modeling
(1)Creating:One click generating beans recursively from JSON objects, or paste a JSON string to Project Panel, or manually do it in modeling panel.
(2)Bean Properties:Add or remove properties from results returned by api, or paste a JSON string to property table, or manually do it in modeling panel.

3.Api Runner
(1)Get/Post datas inputing, easy paste from url string.
(2)Http response datas viewing
(3)Parameter groups management
(4)Returned api results management
(5)Rich text log, preview

4.Mapping Engine
(1)Tree datas with entity(Bean) objects Comparator: monitoring how api datas changed, rebuild data models visually
(2)Mapping Builder:Making relationship between api datas and beans.

5.Export Engine
(1)Bean Model to Objective-C/JAVA Source File, for mobile app developer
(2)Api to Objective-C/JAVA Source File, for mobile app developer

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