Version: 1.6.3 || Release Date: 2013-08-21 || License: Commercial with demo (Free) Developer: Alexey Nikitin & Alexandr Bondar | App Owner: nikitin
deepClock are a magnificent analogue watch which will decorate any desktop.

deepClock isn’t just an ordinary clock. It’s a magnificent decoration for any desktop. deepClock doesn’t burden the desktop with unnecessary information. The program just displays a beautiful and unique clock on your Mac’s desktop.

This is a beautiful analog clock which you can place anywhere on your desktop.

You can adjust the app as much as possible for you conveniently:
  • run application at launch
  • keep clock in one of three positions: standard, on top of all applications (even a fullscreen mode) and also to freeze at desktop level.
  • show clock in all spaces

One of deepClock functions which has been added are "Events" which allows to add small reminders an the app will show these messages on a desktop will allow you not forget very important event.

Features deepClock:
  • 15 variants style of clock
  • 6 variants style of calendar
  • Low CPU usage
  • Movable clock
  • Run at Login
  • Hidden Arrows in Clock
  • There was a new function "Events" - now you do not pass anything important!
  • Scalable sizes of Clock and Calendar

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