Deep Notes

Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2007-02-04 || License: Freeware Developer: Amar Sagoo | App Owner: amar

Deep Notes is a simple hierarchical note pad. You can use it to outline ideas, make to-do lists, or whatever else might need jotting down in a list, hierarchical or not.
Its keyboard shorcuts were designed to let you edit, navigate and control your outline without taking your hands off the keyboard, so you don't have to interrupt your creative flow and can get on with typing!

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6 Opinions

Current version does prompt to save upon closing a file.

My first Mac came with OmniOutliner, which I love, but I've moved on to newer, better Macs that no longer come with OmniOutliner. If OO was $20, I would've already bought it, but until I feel like spending $40 to outline, this is the next best thing. It's not nearly as flexible as OO, but it gets the job done. Can't complain for the price!

Simple but could uses better/more preferences.

Love using Deep Notes, but its easy to forget that this software does NOTHING you don't tell it two. There's no auto-save when closing a fine. Not even a prompt. If you've been randomly jotting notes for several hours and then forget to do a save before quitting you'll lose everything. Sounds obvious, but with so many other day-to-day programs that DO save or warn before quitting, its easy to forget. (Ask me how I know...)

Another no-brainer preference would be the option to open to the last file used when launching. I'm probably not unique that I might be working on a single, large outline doc for days or weeks. Be nice to have it open to that doc upon launch if desired, rather than going straight to a new, blank document.

Interface and key commands are just what they should be: simple and direct. Just a little attention to the user preferences would make it perfect.

I have tried other note taking and to do apps, but I keep coming back to Deep Notes. It is just so easy to capture and re-organize. Everything is accessible with the keyboard, including color coding items. The interface is simply brilliant. I am likely to continue testing other apps with more features, but unless I find one that is this quick, I am sticking with Deep Notes.

Love it! It is very simple to use, really. I use it mainly as my GTD app (with context=lists, and projects; tasks colour-coded). It is just great. Recommended as your primary outline application (dropped OOutliner completely).

Brilliantly simple little application that makes task-list-building a breeze. The keyboard shortcuts are perfect, it's tiny, and best of all it's free. One of my favourite and most frequently-used applications.

Simple and to the point—but that's just why I love it. Other tools may make more feature-laden outlines, but in the end, this is the tool I use.