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Version: 2.5 || Release Date: 2011-11-06 || License: Shareware ($40) Developer: Delicious Monster Software | App Owner: arne

Catalog your books, movies, music, software, toys, tools, electronics, & video games.

Get your Mac, a webcam, and Delicious Library and rediscover your home library. Just point any FireWire digital video camera, like an Apple iSightâ„¢, at the barcode on the back of any book, movie, music, or video game. Delicious Library does the rest. The barcode is scanned and within seconds the item's cover appears on your digital shelves filled with tons of in-depth information downloaded from one of six different web sources from around the world. Once your whole library is cataloged, you can find and use your items like never before.

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Here's my big question about 2.0: Is there upgrade pricing for 1.x users?

Sorry let me update with details:
1) It complains about not being able to save to Applications folder. While it already is in the Applications folder. Something about security setting, and to do a Get Info, which I did. Nothing wrong with it's security settings that I can see.
2) It will not open my DL1 library. Do I have to scan everything in again???

Version 2 is buggy.
Keeps crashing on my macbook WITH 10.5.3

A case of style of substance, and judging by the # of users displayed here, also a case of too much hype. DL is probably the most overrated application I've ever used. It's simplistic in its behavior, very mediocre in its flexibility, and downright poor in terms of performance (useless after 1000+ items on a C2D macbook 1GB).

I hear Dvdpedia ( is better, problem is, I already spent hours inputting all my stuff in DL. Sad sad sad....

Have a relatively small library, 500+ books 100+ dvds but the fact that it used the build in iSight on my MBP made this application great. I had tried entering in books manually before but it was just too much of a chore. Application looks great and for me at least was worth paying for.

Edit: I should also mention that I am located in Ireland and amazon has matched what I buy so far.

I seriously regret having paid 40$. This app is meant only for things available on and not much more. Pure world-wide ISBN entry isn't really working. many international titles are unrecognized and there goes the convenience.
Also...apparently there's no new version anywhere in sight.

My cd collection consists primarily of foreign albums. Finding information is difficult sometimes. This application has a beautiful interface, but it lacks in content. I ran a comparison with only a dozen titles. Delicious Library did not find covers and track listings for most of them as opposed to the (better) results I obtained with ReaderwareAW. I like the iSight usage, but agree it can be finicky. I'll experiment a bit longer with this app, but I'm more inclined to go with ReadewareAW for what it gives me.

This is an imperfect but nice inventory application for one's personal media collection. Pros include:

  • Built-in barcode scanner (requires an attached video camera)--great for me and my MBP's iSight camera
  • Automatic data lookup from
  • Wide variety of data can be entered for each item (including condition, location, cost, who it's being loaned to)

There are cons, too:

  • Non-standard behavior for basic GUI operations like shift- or command-clicking (flouting Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for no apparent reason)
  • Barcode scanner can be finicky; I still have to enter a lot of barcodes by hand
  •'s data is often good for a starting point but can also be incomplete or inaccurate

Still, I think it's a good value, especially compared to the cost of a barcode scanner. And I think my insurance company will appreciate having the inventory if my apartment ever burns up. :-)

$40 is a bit steep. Although, It has the most beautiful User interface, and the purpose of this app is interesting... But generally not productive... I think it would be better if this was a $25 or $30 shareware application!

Doesn't really work for many products I try. Maybe because I'm from Australia.

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