Delicious Recipes

Version: 1.8 || Release Date: 2014-04-24 || License: Shareware ($12.99) Developer: Juicy Cocktail | App Owner: seanchai

Collect your best recipes with Delicious Recipes. Tame your paper chaos and unsorted bookmarks. Sort your recipes and retrieve them easily.

✚✚✚ Easy to Use ✚✚✚

Your repices are the most important thing. The simple and yet powerful interface is a result of this steady mindset. All functions are self-explanatory and easily reachable. You can use keyboard shortcuts that are available for all main functions, if you want to be even more effective.

✚✚✚ Fastest Entry. Ever. ✚✚✚

Forget about clunky tables with ingredients and directions. Start a new way of managing your recipes. Use copy & paste or write everything down in one go. We’ve set up the most important things for you like cuisine, yield and time. You can either use them or add your own properties. Just spend more time cooking.

✚✚✚ Customize Every Recipe ✚✚✚

Emphasize important steps, make them smaller or bigger. Change your font, underline essential instructions. Customize every recipe and be The Chef in your kitchen.

✚✚✚ Take-Away Deliciousness ✚✚✚

Use the optimized print functionality to put your recipes on paper. The printer-friendly template assists you on the go and in your kitchen.

✚✚✚ Intuitive Drag & Drop ✚✚✚

Add pictures with easy drag & drop. Drag them from folders or directly from the internet. It’s your choice.

✚✚✚ Smart Search ✚✚✚

Use the iTunes-like search to find your recipes. You can either search everything or make your search more specific. Whether cuisine, description, utensils, ingredients, origin, time, title or yield — it’s very fast to retrieve your recipes.

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