Version: 1.9 || Release Date: 2009-10-05 || License: Shareware (10$) App Owner: djemp

Use and create bookmarks from the Safari web browser. DeliciousSafari is a SIMBL plug-in for the Safari web browser.

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According to the blog the new version with Snow Leopard support is in beta testing.

This plugin is well worth the $10. I wouldn't use a browser without a plugin for Delicious, and delicioussafari works as well as any I've tried for other browsers. Plus, Safari is much faster than other browsers, especially in 64-bit mode.

Does not work with Snow Leopard. Wiki suggests opening Safari in 32bit mode to get it to work properly. Save your $10 until it gets upgraded (if...)

Nice, except that it forces all tags into lowercase. In addition to being ugly, it also has left my tag collection in a mess. Please make this an optional feature!

Price has changed -- it's now $10