Version: 2.0b25 || Release Date: 2007-02-21 || License: Freeware Developer: iMax | App Owner: macmanx

DeliciWeb enables you to export, in one click, the entire content of your Book, Games, Movie, and/or Music collections (from Delicious Library) to the web. I have tried another tool like this one in the past, but it wasn't as simple to install and the HTML wasn't as "clean" as I liked it, so here is DeliciWeb.

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Anyone know where I can get this version?? The developer discontinued it and all I can find online is version 1.2.

I'd love to get this!! Let me know [bencharity AT gmail DOT com]

A new version (1.2) is out & mirrored at both Version Tracker & MacUpdate. However, it does not appear to be listed at the developer's site.

VT site:

MU site:


I've tried every exporter for Delicious Library that I could find, and this is the best. The html it creates is very nice looking and includes all the info for the movie from the Library software. You can choose three quality settings for the covers.....I find the lowest looks pretty bad, but the highest creates large images. The medium setting works very well. My library of around 300 movies takes up about 20 megs.

It also allows you to sort the movies alphabetically in the output. This leads to my biggest gripe with the program.....there is no option to ignore certain words. Unfortunately this leads to all the movies that begin with "The" being lumped together in the list. Having many Spanish movies, I also run into this problem with El/La/Los/Las titles. One option is to remove "The," "A", and other articles, but it'd be nice if this was a built-in option, even if just for English articles (would it be difficult to allow user input of words to ignore though? I'm no programmer, so I certainly couldn't do it). Other than that it works well, quickly, is easy to use, and looks great.