Version: || Release Date: 2010-09-15 || License: Commercial with demo ($9) Developer: Pine Point Software LLC | App Owner: toolio client with screenshots of posts

Delish is a client application for Mac OS X. See your posts as hi-res screenshots. Multitouch and bundle support.

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Dragging a link from Delish places the file name for the .png preview rather than the URL itself. Not so useful.

Oh, just found bundle support under preferences. Nice!

Nice, but without bundle support you'll soon get swamped trying to navigate 100+ tags in a single column. Also, like DeliciousSafari it converts upper case tags to lower (which generates duplicate tags), but unlike DS it can't figure out the upper and lower case versions are the same tag and displays them separately but looking exactly the same.

There is a reason I use upper case for some tags. Please don't mess with it.

Some thoughts: .the thumbnails are nice but not worth losing the full text of the title and description - an option for a list with a thumbnail, like iTunes "Album View," would be a helpful addition. Collapsed/open status of bundles gets reset when you sync. And there's no way to combine tags in a search or display a count of items with a particular tag (two nice Cocoalicious features...). With bundle support and screenshots, this has some great features that Cocoalicious is missing, and is missing some great features of Cocoalicious. Combine these two with delimport, a spotlight importer for delicious bookmarks, and we'd finally have a solid delicious client for OS X.

Terrific app, exactly what I wanted.
It needs a better icon though.

A great looking app that really brings to the desktop. Some bookmarks don't receive a thumbnail, but it is still in beta.

The developer is very responsive to feedback.