Delivery Status

Version: 6.1.1 || Release Date: 2014-05-15 || License: Freeware Developer: Junecloud | App Owner: robotspacer

Widget displays order status for many delivery services.

Delivery Status... Can't wait for your packages to arrive? Don't waste your time checking the site constantly, just open this all-in-one delivery tracker and enter your order number or tracking number. The status will update automatically for you, and even count down the days! It also works with Growl to give you pop-up message, email notifications, and more, whenever your package status changes.

Delivery Status lets you track your deliveries from:

  • (US and Canada)
  •,,,,,, and
  • (including all international stores)
  • Aramex
  • Canada Post (Postes Canada)
  • DHL (US, Germany, and GlobalMail)
  • DPD (Germany)
  • FedEx and FedEx SmartPost
  • GLS Germany
  • Google Checkout
  • Hermes Logistik Gruppe (HLG, Germany)
  • Japan Post (EMS, Yu-Pack, Registered Mail, and Morning 10 Overnight Mail)
  • Nintendo (US and Canada)
  • Parcelforce
  • Purolator
  • Royal Mail
  • Poste Italiane (Paccocelere1, Paccocelere3, Postacelere1, PaccocelereMaxi, and PaccocelereInternazionale)
  • Posten (Norway)
  • Posten (Sweden)
  • Sagawa Express
  • TNT
  • UPS and UPS Mail Innovations
  • US Postal Service

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9 Opinions

Absolutely love this! It's perfect with Growl notifications. I never have to manually check the status on each website anymore. And I no longer have to go digging around my email for my tracking number.

oops... I had the wrong impressions.
1. You DON'T need an account
2. The amazon account password is NOT sent to the junecloud servers

The latest version 5.01 requires you to create an account online --- you might choose to hold on to the previous version.
Can the developer tell us what information is stored in the online account? Why does it require the password to my account?
In any case -- the widget is very good at what it does!

Delivery Status is what other widgets wish they could be—convenient, elegant and beautiful.

I love this widget. It does the UI so totally right.

To lycus: It can track multiple shipments -- just use multiple copies. Apple has explicitly stated that this is how widgets are supposed to work.

Wow, SO much better than MonkeyBusinessLabs' Package Tracker (which currently seems to be broken). Beautiful! Love the integration. The only thing that would make that better would be if it just found all my orders automatically!

Gorgeous stuff. The Amazon and Growl integration is particularly top-notch

You can open several Delivery Status widgets, one for each shipment, from the widgets menu in the Dashboard.

Nearly perfect. Perfection would come if it could track multiple shipments. Regardless, great job Mike Piontek, elegant and handy.