Version: 1.9.8 || Release Date: 2011-08-16 || License: Commercial with demo ($39.95) Developer: Deltopia | App Owner: generousdesignr

DeltaWalker allows you to visually compare, edit and merge files, as well as compare and synchronize folders. DeltaWalker 1.9 is 100% Cocoa!

DeltaWalker 1.9 is 100% Cocoa, and has a simpler and cleaner UI! Free upgrade for all licensed DeltaWalker users.

DeltaWalker allows you to visually compare, edit and merge files, as well as compare and synchronize folders. DeltaWalker features a fine-tuned differencing engine, monster text editors, passionately crafted user interface and performs natively on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

DeltaWalker comes in two editions—Standard and Oro. DeltaWalker Oro includes all standard features, plus:

Three-way file and folder comparison and automatic merging.
Structure visualization and comparison of XML files.
All three platforms—Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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When comparing folders, shows results while comparison is in progress.
Also, more user friendly and sometimes faster than kdiff3.

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Wow... I needed this program. I bought it long before I needed it. It was purchased through one of Macupdates promotions, but it sat on my hard drive for months. Then I needed it, loaded it... and the serial number did not work. The demo mode was so slow and system hungry that I about scrapped the program as a bad investment. Sent a note to the developer, and in 30 minutes I got a new key, a download to the new version and WOAH... all my issues were fixed in under and hour. The working version ROCKS. It just works and works WELL.

Look no further. When a developer is THAT attentive, I will put up with a programs minor issues... and this one has no minor issues. I have the best with Delta Walker and with Deltopia.

After switching to Mac I also missed Beyond Compares and after many tryes I choose to go with the Oro version.
- Support is excellent
- Although it's an "eclipse" program, the interface is clear and I feel safe when using it.
- It's nice to have the same app on windows occasionnaly
- Directory compare is very good (even if timestamp are wrong)

I've been desperate for a tool like DeltaWalker since I switched from Windows to OS X a year and a half ago. Despite searching and searching for a good OS X file/folder comparison solution, I found DeltaWalker when I wasn't looking for it.

I had already tried every OS X alternative I know of and found them either overpriced (Araxis, Guiffy), uncomfortable to use (Araxis), unattractive (Guiffy) or just underpowered/underfeatured (everything else.) I knew if I wasn't comfortable with the tool, I wasn't going to use it. It had to be a good fit.

DeltaWalker was an immediate fit for me. Great price, instantly comfortable to use and it had all the features I needed. Plus it just looked great, which was important to me since I knew I was going to be living in this thing.

I bought a DeltaWalker license immediately and am totally satisfied. Their support has been consistently prompt, professional and even friendly. And it seems from all the reviews I've read, my experience is the norm.

DeltaWalker has a super price for its Personal version, $39.95, so individuals can afford it easily, unlike some other solutions (Araxis and Guiffy.)

If you need three-way comparisons or, like me, use OS X, Windows and Linux, get their "Oro" version, which equates to "Pro" and gives you all three platforms.

My only regret is that I didn't find DeltaWalker a year and a half ago!

Very useful and performs very well indeed. I'm pleased with what I've seen from DeltaWalker so far, particularly with the text comparison, editing and merging as it's what I use daily. The UI is clean and the side-by-side folder and file comparison arrangement sets it apart from the other diff tools I've used in the past. Folder synchronization is also well done, however I'd like to see it do more with images, at least display them; sessions would be a useful addition. A solid offering at $60.

The only application that I was sad to lose going to the Mac was Beyond Compare - but finally there is hope. DW is as close as it gets. At the time of writing this saving sessions is not in the application but is coming, as is the ability to connect via other protocols. I've tried Araxis Merge and Apple's FileCompare (it's hopeless) but this I think is the best replacement for Beyond Compare that I've found and comparatively priced.