Designers Toolbox

Version: 2.5 || Release Date: 2008-03-31 || License: Shareware (you decide) Developer: Michael Preidel | App Owner: planetexpress69

Designer Toolbox is a nifty widget that addresses desktop publisher's and webdesigner's needs.
It contains a bunch of conversion stuff (font measures, html entities, color tables, etc. ) along with a blind text generator.

Starting from Version 1.5 Designers Toolbox is donation ware - the author is quiet addicted to red wine and needs your support via pay pal...

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@bitnix : Version 1.2 is free for all. Version 1.6 is actually donation ware - Michael wants to get a glass of red wine. So you're encouraged to feed the authors pay pal account... Gonna ask Michael about the localization of both, the website and the widget itself.

The link needs to be updated. It's actually on 1.0.2, and this is the always-working download link, regardless of version:

It is, by the way, just as cool as it sounds. Awesome tool!

Hmm… I clicked the link under Downloads on the right, but nothing happened.

Oh I wish they wrote in english... The widget has an english name, but the webpage is all in german and I can't find where to download version 1.6 of this widget.