Version: 1.1.5 || Release Date: 2012-04-29 || License: Freeware App Owner: joymlarson

Screen Recording Software For Your Mac. LITE version.*

Record & Share! Create the demos & tutorials! Share your ideas! Share your presentations! Help make the life easier for people who is not so familiar with computers.

Our screen recording software allows you to record the screen, camera, microphone and speakers on your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or Mac Pro.

Using our screen recording software you can EASY create your video tutorials, share your ideas or thoughts by distributing the standard Apple MOV video files prepared for Quick Time player.

Using our screen recording software you can share previously recorded video tutorials in the popular video hosting sites, such as

Using our screen recording software you can easily record or share your desktop with the popular video conferencing software such as GvoConference ( and HotConference (

Our screen recording software provides a very easy way to start or stop recording process. You just use hot keys, that is all. You do not need to convert recorded videos. You will get and distribute your video tutorials in Apple MOV format which is standard for your favorite computer. You can change the frame rate, compression level and video size to record the video as "real HD" videos or as simple presentation. These settings will help you to record small and well compressed videos to upload to or other video sharing services.

Just launch our screen recording software on your computer and enjoy the easy way you can share your ideas! Our screen recording software helps you to concentrate with your ideas only.

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