Desktop Manager

Version: 0.5.3 || Release Date: 2006-02-21 || License: Freeware App Owner: arne

Desktop Manager is an easy to use virtual desktop manager for OS X.

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been using my old macbook pro over the past few months, because my leopard box had a hard drive failure and i've been too lazy to do anything about it (had backups of all my data, so no big deal). anyway, this is spaces for tiger, but more configurable. imagine if spaces was just like it is for 10.5/6/7, but had more features and worked on tiger. that's desktop manager. awesome. i can't believe i never gave this a whirl during the 4 years i solely used tiger. 5 stars.

Don't forget, this is not universal, so it is very slow for Intel machines. Shame, as the feature set seems nice. Note there is a beta5 of Virtue which is less crashy...

Unfortunately, just like VirtueDesktops, this app is no longer being maintained:
"It is Tiger-compatible but no further development will be done on this branch" (taken from it's homepage).
This is pretty much inevitable for apps like this seeing as the new Leopard OS has "Spaces" built-in.
Overall, a shame for us users who still use Tiger.

My dream app would be Desktop Manager + the ability to change what icons can be shown on the desktop as well as the dock. When I'm browsing the web I like to have the "cluttered" feel with everything easily accessible; but when I'm working I'd rather have my desktop look neat. Kindda like having seperate log in accounts in one profile.

haven't used Virtue, but I'm completely satisfied with this little jewel

Great! Virtue kept crashing, so I've switched. Haven't had to quit this one yet, so I don't know about losing the non-focussed windows. Seems great so far. Doesn't nail certain app's to desktop, but then Virtue kept losing those preferences anyway.

Ah, haven't seen that icon in a while. Used to see it every day on my desktop.

I like the switcher/pager in the toolbar. Virtue didn't have that when last I checked.
To be honest I didn't get much out of either desktop switcher. I like having multiple desktops on Fluxbox and other linux WMs, but for some reason I just can't get that extra usability to carry over to Mac OS X. I guess I'll just wait for Leopard and see if Apple can take it to the next level.

This has a nifty pager pager menu, but unfortunately the fact that it deletes open windows as mentioned below means that it is unusable for me.

Happily switched back to virtue desktops

I've been using this for many years. Recently I switched to VirtueDesktops which seemed to be more slick, but after a week I switched back to Desktop Manager. I missed the pager in the menu as well as its stability and ease of use. VT has some good ideas, but I ended up getting frustrated by how it works.

If you quit, it should place the other open windows across all desktops back into the single original one (seeing as you've quit the others and the prog). It doesn't. Instead, they just disappear. The apps are still running, but the windows cannot be seen and cannot be relaunched even if you click on the dock icons of their respective progs.
This is a serious flaw and means I'll keep using VirtueDesktops for the time being (you as a result, lose all your work in those windows) :(

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