Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2008-04-03 || License: Freeware Developer: Desktoptopia | App Owner: metaquark

Desktoptopia is a desktop background manager for the mac that automatically loads and displays designer desktops on your monitor, as often as you wish.

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Desktoptopia for Mac is unfortunately not a living product anymore. We are launching a similar product soon called Wallpapery. It's similar to Desktoptopia with a huge list of very talented artists associated with it. See for more details a to subscribe to mailing list.

BTW, I just wrote this script if someone want to save the current Desktop (like me).

tell application "Finder"
set wp to get desktop picture
duplicate wp to desktop
end tell

It just copy the file to your Desktop!

Free, great desktop pictures, but crashes a bit too much to leave running all the time. I tend to launch it when I want a new desktop, then quit it so it doesn't have a chance to freeze up.

Digging it now that it's free, and really seeing the value in it.

MAIN PROBLEM: crashes very often. Appears that the problem lies with APE, but I have no way to exclude desktoptopia, since it's a pref pane. HELP!

Love that it's free. Love the pictures. love how it repeats ones I liked once in a while. Only problem is since I installed it GimmeSomeTune crashes.

Woot! The latest version is no longer shareware!

I recommend the free (donationware) Desktopia over this -- how much more do you need?

And then visit Adam Betts and David Lantham, among others, for wallpapers....

I think it's pretty sweet. I like not having to search through all the crappy desktops to find ones I like.

I wish iusethis had the option to bury apps, much like digg.

This is ridiculous! Just download a bunch of wallpapers you like, put them in a folder, go to System Preferences/Desktop & Screen Saver, select that folder, make sure "Change picture every X minutes" is ticked, and lo!

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