Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2010-09-20 || License: Commercial with demo (199) Developer: MacSpeech | App Owner: avocade

The Future of Speech Recognition On The Your Intel-Mac Has Arrived

Welcome to the brand new MacSpeech Dictate, the premier speech recognition solution for the Macintosh. Written from the ground up for the Mac, MacSpeech Dictate’s features, accuracy, and capabilities make it as fun, productive, and intuitive to use as the Mac itself.

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It works well for me - the set up is easy and straightforward (at least for me), and the recognition right out of the box very, very high (if used with the right set-up, that is, a good headset and after the initial training session, which only lasted 5 min for me). For some reason, the accuracy is dependent on the software that you use. I got lucky: the apps I need Dictate the most for (Scrivener, TextCite) for well with it. Others, like Mail, have a much worse accuracy. You can always use the notepad that and then copy it over, however (and obviously the accuracy in the notepad is very high as well). The main problem is that this version does not yet allow good ways to edit text through the use of speech at this point. MacSpeech will add this feature in a future release (standard in the the Win version), and for high-power users of speech recognition this is critically missing feature at this point. As for me, I can do the editing later on with my hands, and that's fine. I save a lot of time dictating passages from books and journals and slowly getting used to dictating my writing to my computer, rather than writing it.

I use a Logitech headset and am very happy with the results.

Where can I download the demo?

Finally we get the Dragon NaturallySpeaking engine native on the Mac!