Version: 2.02 || Release Date: 2007-11-11 || License: Included with OS Developer: Apple | App Owner: robertcat

Dictionary and thesaurus system application based on The New Oxford American Dictionary. Comes with OS X. The Leopard version features tabs for Dictionary, Thesaurus, Wikipedia, Apple, and All.

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I use it with Quicksilver, just trigger it with Ctrl-Space then type .yourwork - tab - dic - enter. Lightning fast and comfortable for a non-english one while watching movie.

its the best feature i guess for verbal knowledge

I want to be able to import dictionarys! only if i could have a spanish to english dictionary!!!

But how do I get the French and Italian version
that I imagine ships with Macs over there...?

this is perhaps my most used app. even assigned to a hotkey on my keyboard (you know, for those apps where services don't play along).

and don't forget ctrl-cmd-d!


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