Digital Alarm Clock

Version: 2.7 || Release Date: 2007-05-13 || License: Shareware (19.99) App Owner: agreif

Digital Alarm Clock is a small desktop application for your Mac. Its authentic-looking LED clock illuminates your desktop in reassuring primary colors (just like you remember from your old bedside table). Tell time the 1970s way!

Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock features digital and analog chimes and an option to launch any application or file. Better yet, set an alarm to launch iTunes and play a track from one of your playlists. Unlike your old clock radio, though, you can set multiple alarms, and make them apply only to weekdays or weekends (there's got to be some advantage to 21st century technology).

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1 Opinion

This is a nice application, but I had 2 gripes when trying this application:

- I miss a feature to be able to fix the window (making it non-movable) somewhere on the desktop, withunder the icons.

- The "remove in dock" feature didn't work in my testing.