Version: 1.0.1 || Release Date: 2007-03-28 || License: Freeware Developer: OphtaMots | App Owner: alasondro

DigitEyeOCR is an optical character recognition software. It allows you to convert paper documents into Text, PDF,LaTex, DVI, HTML and a lot more formats...

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From the homepage: "DigitEyeOCR is no longer available."

Wow, who uses this? HOW do you use it? As mentioned in the earlier post, it doesn't recognize most image formats, which is odd. Only GIF and BMP. But even then, it doesn't do anything. If you click "recognition" it looks like it's doing something and then does nothing. The How To file in the download claims a .deo file should be created on my desktop, which I can then open with the programs text editor before saving as a useful file format, but it never exports anything.

Also, there are pretty glaring typos in the How To pdf file as well as within the program, which causes me to be not so surprised that this program doesn't actually work.

I tried this on a MacBook Pro with OS X Tiger and found it to be worse than useless. Trying to OCR a GIF image (apparently the only kind of image it would even load), it wouldn't do more than hang. Hey, at least it's open source, so maybe someone with more skills/patience than I will make it work.