Version: 0.91b || Release Date: 2009-05-26 || License: Freeware Developer: Binary Nights | App Owner: forkmanager

The closest thing to telepathy

Just say “Guys, check this out!” and hit F1 to send a screen capture of your current window to your friends or coworkers on local Bonjour network.

Are you fed up with having to get up from your computer thirty times a day and to scramble over on stiff legs to your coworker’s desk to have a look at something he or she wants to show you on the computer? Then Dikk! is for you! Dikk! takes this monotonous and annoying bit of physical exercise away, leaving the pure fun and utility of these shared inputs.

There are a few simple options, like F2 lets you send the screen capture to only the users you select, and F3 will allow you to choose between the capture screen area: active window, entire screen, selected window.

Dikk! can also run in Silent mode (incoming transmissions are not displayed on the screen, but sent directly to the transmission history) and there are a few additional preferences for your comfort.

Dikk is an actual word in Romanii language, spoken by most Gypsies around the world. The approximate translation is: Hey, check this out!

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