Dim Sum Chinese Tools

Version: 0.7.9 || Release Date: 2006-10-11 || License: Freeware Developer: Eric Peterson | App Owner: rmolenda

Freeware, cross-platform, for OS X 10.3 and above (Java) Chinese language tool that includes a dictionary, stroke reference, annotator, and much, much more. Look up Chinese characters by English, pinyin, radical/stroke, and Cantonese.

DimSum is an instant-lookup text reader, with support for adding romanization to text files, RTF files, and HTML pages.

Also includes an array of miscellaneous tools, including an abacus, flashcards, Chinese name generator, GIF creator, and various converters for currency, measures, numbers, romanizations, and encodings.

Chinese Text Annotator - Break a text into words and add links to dictionary entries.

Study Chinese characters with Java flashcards, repair corrupted Chinese e-mails.

Convert files between GB, GBK, Big5, UTF-8, UCS2, and CNS

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1 Opinion

This is unbelievably awesome for a freeware tool.

It has so much functionality, and so many hidden gems to find, and it can even 'say/speak' characters for you.

A great tool for learning Chinese. Cross-platform as well, since it's made in Java.

Highly recommended!