Direct Mail

Version: 4.1 || Release Date: 2015-04-08 || License: Shareware ($59.99) Developer: e3 Software | App Owner: islamoyankee

Mailing list management, mail delivery software.

Direct Mail is the best mailing list management and mail delivery software for Mac OS X. Its user-friendly interface and powerful mail delivery engine let you stay in touch with your contacts quickly and easily — without worrying about the details of mail server configurations.

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2 Opinions

Update delivers old 225 not new 226!

This has saved me oodles, boatloads, and gobs of time. I used to only use Mail for sending out monthly mailings. Now I do a monthly and weekly mailing for a fraction of the time.

DM also has a subscription feature so I don't have to manage people subscribing and unsubscribing to my mailings. They can go to a link and do it themselves (including updating their email addresses).

There are so many features I could go on and on of how this has made my work easier.