Version: 1.0.3 || Release Date: 2008-03-02 || License: Shareware ($29.95) Developer: MadeBySofa | App Owner: frostugh

Disco is a workflow-based disc burner that supports a wide variety of filesystems. It also makes use of the sudden motion sensor to detect potential burning problems, and the microphone for superfluous visual effects.

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ok, so let's be honest - it's very little more than a dressed up version of burn.app, so when you buy it, you expect it to be pretty. right out of the gate, i can't get the interactive smoke to work on either my imac (santa rosa) or my macbook pro (also santa rosa). both should be WAY more than sufficient for whatever graphic requirements smoke has, yet it works on neither. i've tried for nearly two weeks w/5 emails to get support to RESPOND AND ACKNOWLEDGE my problem, and they haven't.

to clarify - smoke works, but it's the two-color non-interactive variety. works fine w/1.0.1 on the same machine, just not 1.0.3

save your money.

Bwa? An update? The mind boggles.

Bwa? A maintenance update? The dead lives!

I'm amazed that on one hand the vast majority of the comments here are negative, yet the app scores nearly 1500 'iusethis'. Is it all hype? I don't know. I use it, but to be fair only on rare occasions. I just like the simplicity of the interface.

waaaay overpriced. It's all eye candy (and not that special still). There are many better apps that are freeware or you can simply use finder and disk utility for most of the things.

If you want a powerful burning app forget this and get toast which is lightyears ahead of this and anything else.

Beautiful interface.
Bells and whistles.
Nothing special whatsoever (except disc spanning maybe)
Waste of Money.

Just a fancy, overhyped GUI wrapper for the Disc Burning framework. Major features? It shakes when your laptop's motion sensor goes off. It has 'cool smoke effects'. It has a half-assed disk spanning utility.

For a free alternative, try Burn instead. http://osx.iusethis.com/app/burn

Personally I like Toast for rock-solid stability, maximum utility, and speed, but it has a hefty price tag.

I like its ability to index the listings of files that were burnt - makes it so much easier to locate what has been backed up where later on! Disc spanning is also another plus.

The cool "smoking" animation when burning discs doesn't hurt either!

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