Version: 1.0.3 || Release Date: 2008-03-02 || License: Shareware ($29.95) Developer: MadeBySofa | App Owner: frostugh

Disco is a workflow-based disc burner that supports a wide variety of filesystems. It also makes use of the sudden motion sensor to detect potential burning problems, and the microphone for superfluous visual effects.

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A good thing I payed less than £2.50 for it. It's cute, but Disk Utility does a whole lot more. The disc spanning is possible the only useful tool.

Add image mounting with support for NRGs and it'll be good v.f.m.

All the people saying they will stick with finder fail to understand that this app does more then just burn. Lets say you drop in a folder with 20 gigs of photos or mp3's it will just work and organize them on several discs for you. Find can not do that. This app will catalog them. Finder will not do that. I wish finder would do that.

But on the other hand I do not understand why they would make you pay for an app that is still beta. It still has bugs. But after I change to burn speed from maximum possible to what the disc called for, it worked like a charm.

When this app goes 1.0 it will be great, not toast great, but it will be much cheaper. Who wants to pay $80 for a burning program? Not me, Disco will work just fine.

Have burned 10 discs with no coasters. Fast, easy, and fun way to create discs.

I like the simplicity of this app very much, and the interface is quite intuitive and fun to use. If you need something more complicated, I do recommend Toast. Also, 'smoke' does not work currently on Macbooks. Developer says they are working on it.

Style over substance. I'll stick with Finder

Burn is a much better program in my opinion. It's more functional and still just as simple as Disco sans the visual effects.


It's nice for the price, but I haven't stopped using Toast yet -- its features are still unbeatable. Lets see where Disco goes... 3/5 so far.

Used the first two betas. 5 discs burned in total using Disco. All discs were reported as successfully burnt. 4 out of the 5 were coasters.

I posted this information in their comments section. It was promptly deleted the next day. I didn't think it was worth "brushing under the carpet." But if that is what kind of developers they are, then they do not get my hard earned money.

It's a great looking program and I love the execution on many levels, but sadly, the backend burning framework is grossly full of problems. I might try them in the future, but was very put off with the deletion of my post from their site. If I had been rude or irrational, but I was simply writing my own experiences.

A shame.

many people are very impressible by a good looking interface. then the functionality is simply second-ranked. and that's no good.
sure, good interface is important - that's what makes the mac a mac - but the functionality is what makes the mac the mac as well ;) the simplicity.

With a lot of publicity, every app can do great. and you get a lot of publicity if you have a new, good looking or different interface. even if the functionality is not that good (as i said before, the finder is way more reliable - and free)...

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