Version: 1.0.3 || Release Date: 2008-03-02 || License: Shareware ($29.95) Developer: MadeBySofa | App Owner: frostugh

Disco is a workflow-based disc burner that supports a wide variety of filesystems. It also makes use of the sudden motion sensor to detect potential burning problems, and the microphone for superfluous visual effects.

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I get the frustration whith this app of some posters here, but in the end, I do think it's really worth the 15$. Give it a little more time and I'm sure they'll work out the bugs, leaving a stunning and functional beauty behind. Check out the review at NLMA.

i'll stick with the finder. it's free, and very reliable.

I downloaded and tried Disco but won't be using it again. Three tries and three "you've created a coaster" messages was enough. Damn glad I didn't pay for the beta. That's another thing I don't get. Why would anyone pay for a beta? The developer ought to be paying beta testers for crying out loud!

The best was when I went to try a fourth time and the beta popped up a message telling me if I wanted to burn more than 3 disks I'd have to pay for it. There are a couple things wrong with that: I never actually was able to burn a working disk and why would I want to pay to burn more coasters?

Disco is laughable at best. As others here and around the web have stated, it's a triumph of eye candy over function. I think the developer ought to have spent more time making sure it actually works then adding unnecessary eye candy.

Toast, Finder, DU all have Disco beat by a long shot. Toast is much more expensive but it also packs a hell of a lot more function and features. Oh and as a real bonus, I can actually burn disks with it. ;-)

I'll probably end up buying this due to the "insert new disk now" angle. I back up my computer onto DVDs, and I can't be arsed to calculate that crap into my burn folders. At least this will be cheaper than Backup, which I'm using now!

Too damn slow, it cost me almost 20 minutes to burn a single DVD, which is almost double time of free Burn.app. What is more, there is nowhere to select speed. As a burning application, it sucks! And the smoke effect doesn't appear on Macbooks, so there is no reason for me to keep it or pay for it.

So, how does this compare to Toast? Surely it's not as featureful (yeah, that's a word, why not), but it's not nearly as expensive.

I understand, and appreciate the opinion that "all apps should look/feel uniform". The idea of every app having every asset in a different place is obviously disruptive for the user experience. In this case (as well as many others), I think exceptions are made.

Disco (like AppZapper, rooSwitch, OverFlow, QuickSilver, MacPilot, etc.) is an app that's more like a widget on steroids. The reason people use apps like this is because they look/feel different (insert "ridiculously superfluous visual design of the app" here). Looking neat & tidy, and including such a rich user experience, is a testament to the quality of the developers.

They sit atop a hill of uniform applications, and enrich the users experience (if your into that kind of thing). If your not into it you can just ctrl-click and "toast it".

The argument that apps like this simply use assets that are built into Mac OS X would be true for all Mac OS X apps.

Written in a kind tone.
(please re-read if read in an unkind tone)


I feel this app is really a load of nonsense. For one, there are several other pretty adequate disc burning apps around already. But my main gripe with it is the ridiculously superfluous visual design of the app.

Not only is it a bit daunting that a smoke feature probably got more attention than the underlying burning code, but the interface suffers for this hyper-fetishistic attention to "looking neat". The window is insufferably small and cannot be resized, all manner of custom controls are used (even the window is its bizarre own thing) and it just feels like I'm trying to use some designer's neat idea for a Flash interface to do proper work, and that does not feel right.

Also, first thing I did when I got it was try to burn a .bin file I had. It can't even handle that, it seems! It really turned me against the app.. it's a triumph of stupid eye candy over actual usability.

Incredible effort. Makes burning stuff more fun.

Still a few minor gripes... and I wish you could edit the contents of a folder after you've dragged it into Disco.

Still, my toaster of choice.

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