Version: 1.0.3 || Release Date: 2008-03-02 || License: Shareware ($29.95) Developer: MadeBySofa | App Owner: frostugh

Disco is a workflow-based disc burner that supports a wide variety of filesystems. It also makes use of the sudden motion sensor to detect potential burning problems, and the microphone for superfluous visual effects.

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useful little app, to bad it's not supported anymore. In Leopard, the smoke was real nice, in Snow L., it's broken. And 20$ is too expensive.

Using it for a long time and never had a single problem with my burned cd's. Very reliable.

Though, its icon deserve some kudos. For some reason one of the most memorable icons I've seen. If you say Disco.app, I'll remember this icon forever (?) …

Still use this, if for no other reason than because if it screws up, you are presented with a dialogue congratulating you on your new coffee table coaster.

A shockingly simple burning app, but nothing more. I initially got in for dirt-cheap, but use Burn now instead for most of my burning needs.
It's crippled further by having effectively zero support or updates or enhancements from the first day of its existence, and yes, it could use them.

If you want something dead-simple, it's good, but probably not worth the price. If you know how to use ANY other burning app, try a free one instead, and save the money.

now available for 19.95 $ - for a limited time only.
i've tried this little app, works fine.

Screenshot for disk-indexing is less than explanatory. Good indexing = flexible output (HTML, CSV, text), boolean searches, hashes, etc.
Burn (iusethis.com/app/burn) does me well for day to day tasks.
Spanning burns, I recommend (basepath.com/ImageIngester/SpanBurner-info.php). Written by someone who develops tools to assure data integrity - yes, I need reassuring when choosing a burning app.

An excellent disk burning app for the average mac user. That is if you can afford it and your mac is powerful enough to run the smoke effect.

For all I know, Disco is NOT buggy, It hasn't crashed once on my mac. Furthermore, I CAN run the smoke effect on my intel mac unlike many of the people posting here.

It's got issues, and support is nowhere to be found. I emailed them on 4/25/08 about burning bootable ISOs to disc, and then they won't boot. No response. I wrote again on 5/5/08 to prompt them to please respond. Nothing.

Not worth the $20, really.

it does not work as advertised (still bugs in some of the features like smoke and disk spanning) and the developer will not respond to support questions. A very minor maintence update took over a year and didn't even address these known issues. Skip this one (and all his stuff) as its clear his stuff is 1.0 only and no further development.

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