Version: 1.8 || Release Date: 2011-07-31 || License: Shareware (7,40€) Developer: Multithemes | App Owner: multimago

Tunes Visual FX: This is a cool Open GL 3D visualization plug in for iTunes which renders your favourite music! A lot of themes and more great features.
Themes panel available, live video Support and Cool Image effects.
One Plugin rich in themes and in different styles from which you can choose your personal favourite personal collection.

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4 Opinions

a new upgrade available for LION.
Updated to the new iTunes fullscreen mode in Lion. Now it works in "Classic full screen" but also in separate window by lion. nice!

its great... any more effects to insert...

Wow, Photos, covers but not only, more powerful with support for live video. Really nice plugin

really nice plug in a new way to live with iTunes. give it a try. I did buy it after a quick check and I'm still happy. no comparing software around compliments to the developers