Disk Utility

Version: 15.0 || Release Date: 2015-08-23 || License: Included with OS Developer: Apple Inc. | App Owner: squidinc

One stop for managing disks.

Disk Utility is a powerful application for viewing, managing, and troubleshooting the disks connected to your Mac, including internal and external hard drives, disk images, CDs, and DVDs. With Disk Utility, you can verify the integrity of a disk, repair it, securely erase it, and partition a hard drive. You can also create secure disk images for storing important files using AES 128- or 256-bit encryption.

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4 Opinions

I use Disk Utility to store sensitive data in encrypted disk images. That's not absurd, and doesn't need to be fixed :)

@ lycus: Leopard + GUID partition tables fix that. PC partition tables won't allow for that functionality.
@ arundel: I feel your pain. Download Burn.app and be happy.

Disk Utility doesn't allow one to edit the partition table without completely destroying all data on a drive. It's absurd, and needs to be fixed.