Display Eater

Version: 1.85 || Release Date: 2007-02-26 || License: Freeware App Owner: marcus

Display Eater is a piece of software that allows you to screencast.

The uses for screen capture utilities is broad. You can record streaming video to disc, make video tutorials, or capture that moment when you frag your best friend in your favorite video game. Below are three examples that were made using Display Eater.

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Ric0la, it was covered fairly widely. Google for the topic if you are interested.

I agree. His reaction to the situation seems to be a honest "I'm sorry" and the code, while not yet open sourced, is still there to be explored. It does not, and apparently never did anything malicious.

I just wanted to clear up any misunderstanding my post may have caused.

Stop worrying. The program will become Open-Source in the near future. So the code will be no longer "his" and it'll be clean for sure.

Who knows what other "enormous misjudgments" this developer made or will make in the future? No way will I ever run any of his code on my machine.

YouTube ate my video :/
Here's the new link: DisplayEater

It's a freeware app now.
Here's a short screencast on how to use it: DisplayEater

Display Eater is also in the midst of a nightmarish community reaction to the Developer's announcement of a most draconian and unwise anti-piracy campaign.

The developer announced that users who try to authorize the application with two license keys that were made illegally available will have their home folder deleted by the application. Some reports indicate the threat was "will have something deleted".

Both claims have been retracted by the author of the software and he has posted a message stating "The whole purpose was to create a scare campaign." and "It turned out to be a mistake."

Now receiving reporter's calls and Slashdot coverage the author has announced that the application will be made freely available and posted a key on the site. promising to release the code under GPL he is attempting to make up for an enormous misjudgment.

We shall see.