DMG Canvas

Version: 2.1.7 || Release Date: 2013-05-18 || License: Shareware ($15) Developer: Araelium Group | App Owner: sethwillits

Customize every aspect of your disk image.

DMG Canvas builds disk images from template documents designed using a slick graphical WYSIWYG editor mimicking Finder. Each time you release a new version of your disk image, simply click Build again and DMG Canvas will pull together all of the latest versions of your files. DMG Canvas also allows you to specify the license agreements displayed when the disk image is mounted.

New in version 2 is advanced background layout with custom text objects and images. Using this new view, multiple images and customizable text boxes can be layered on top of the disk image window's background image. This streamlines the creation of background image art, removing the need for other tools.

With the 'dmgcanvas' command line tool, the disk image process can even be entirely automated. Once a DMG Canvas document has been created, the dmgcanvas tool can be used within larger scripts such as application build processes, to create the disk image without ever having to open the DMG Canvas application.

With DMG Canvas, you customize every aspect of your disk image, including:

  • Window background, position, sidebar/toolbar
  • Icon size and positions
  • License agreements
  • The volume's name, icon, format
  • Encryption
  • Compression
  • Internet Enabling

2.0 also includes Leopard compatibility with disk images built on Snow Leopard. Without using DMG Canvas, disk images created on 10.6 will not show display a background image on 10.5. DMG Canvas seamlessly solves this problem.

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The other Araelium app I need. Does everything I need with regards to software packaging.

Check out SimplyDisk. It's for 10.4+ PPC & Intel, and it works perfectly.

Requires 10.5... yet another entry without this info.