Version: 4.0 || Release Date: 2007-12-01 || License: Freeware App Owner: islamoyankee

DoBeDo is a freeware Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X. The widget allows you to view, add, edit and delete iCal's todo items. Its tight integration with iCal make it an indispensable addition to any Dashboard lineup. You can display items from any one of your calendars, open multiple widgets each set to a different calendar, or list all of your tasks together in a single widget. If you are not an iCal user, that's ok too. DoBeDo can help keep you organized and on task on its own.

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5 Opinions

This widget takes up way too much space if you don't have a lot of tasks listed off hand. Why can't I resize it?

Love it! Now I don't need to have iCal open just to get a glance of my todos.

Meh. Neh. Not a bad idea, but seriously lacking.

Whats wrong with iCal? To me this is a an extremely useless widget, this is what a widget shouldn't be.

Version 2.4 Change Log:

iCal groups supported
Added the option to hide tasks with due dates in the future
Sorting improved
Added a print button to the front of the widget
Tasks are deleted by command clicking
New edit and delete dialog sheets
Basic URL support added
Tasks can now be moved across calendars
Keyboard shortcut behavior is more consistent
Notifications between widgets handled more efficiently
Preference system improved
Printed pages are now titled with the list's name instead of the generic "To-Do List"
New wide theme that matches the size of Apple's calendar widget
Bugfix: Fixed an error in the page and task counts
Various speed and memory optimizations