Version: 1.5.3 || Release Date: 2008-12-21 || License: Freeware Developer: John Winter | App Owner: cbv

Dockdrop is a Mac OS X application that lets you share files fast.

Drag any file or folder you want to share onto the Dockdrop dock icon and then choose how you want to send it. Dockdrop handles the upload and puts the URL of the file on the clipboard, ready for pasting into an Email, chat program or website.

Dockdrop now integrates with the Finder, iPhoto or iTunes so you can assign a hotkey to trigger an upload of the selected item.

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10 Opinions

Awesome. I'm glad to switch over from Transmit droplets. This one is well-thought out.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm currently working on a new version of Dockdrop called 'Dropzone', among other things it allows you to add multiple accounts - Check it out at

Quite a replacement for uploading my files to iDisk. About 3 times faster! I feel like using iDisk again... I enjoy the "Zip folder" option too.

Dockdrop is a great and simple to use tool, I really like it - and even replaced the commercial "Dragster", which wasn't reliable enough for me.

Here's a dumb question perhaps, but, does it support Bonjour/LAN sending of files?

If not, that is the one missing part left to implement!

It would be very nice when it have per Choice an entry in the menu instead of the Dock ...

Does someone know who to make this work with

Multiple FTP accounts and it's a best in show.

Pretty awesome if you upload pics quite a bit. Works great with my Photobucket FTP account. Recommend.

really cool replacement for quickshareit, i use it now :)