Version: 4.7 || Release Date: 2006-07-12 || License: Shareware ($19.95 US) App Owner: duckfeet

DockFun! is a tool to run an infinite number of OS X's Dock configuration. For example you'll be able to set up a Dock for Internet applications and a Dock for graphic purpose which you'll turn on, easily, with just a click! It also allows you to edit deeply your Mac OS X dock preferences. Hopefully, it will not only increase your productivity on Mac OS X, but also make very pleasant to organize your applications and documents.

The developer has created a neat video of how DockFun! is easy to use. Visit the site!

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2 Opinions

It looks great in theory, but I'd like to see a UI redesign before purchasing. Also, it would be nice if this could be made into a .prefpane and be given a simpler in-dock way to switch between docks. Definitely worth keeping an eye on while it matures.

I was using Dragthing as an application launcher, which I still use because of the "Process Dock". I stumbled on DockFun! and found that it made sense to how I intuitively use my dock.

It is as simple as organizing all your apps into themes and creating a separate dock for each which all have hotkeys. Some of the themes I have created are: Internet, Web Design, Office, Utilities, Movie & Games. It's simple and intuitive.