Dock Gone

Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2010-11-28 || License: Shareware ($14.95 USD) Developer: Old Jewel Software | App Owner: old_jewel

Dock Gone keeps the Mac OS X Dock out of your way so that it doesn’t interrupt your work.

While you can always hide the Dock without Dock Gone, it will reappear whenever you mouse over the edge of the screen, blocking whatever is below the cursor. And you can be sure it will happen at the worst possible time. Dock Gone prevents this by moving the Dock completely out of your way, effectively turning it off until you ask for it back.

Dock Gone gives you several ways to turn the Dock off.
• within the Dock Gone Preference Pane in System Preferences
• in a menu in the menu bar.
• using a global keyboard shortcut that you define.

Why turn off the Dock instead of just hiding it?
Since Mac OS X first appeared, users have had a love-hate relationship with the Dock and its auto-hide feature. While it’s beautiful and useful, there are times when it just gets in the way. Scrolling long documents, navigating long menus in web browsers, and dragging documents around the screen can all inadvertently trigger the Dock to appear exactly at the wrong time. If you move just a little too close to the edge of the screen, the Dock insists on reasserting itself whether it’s wanted or not. This gets old fast. Especially for users who like to get the most out of their screen real-estate, it happens way too often.

No more Terminal commands. No more Dock appearing when you’re scrolling through a long document. No more losing your old Dock settings.

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Wow, I've got a negative result on my comment just for saying how I use this app.

Yeah, you can keep typing in the terminal if you want. I'm often too busy for that crap and like using the shortcut or the menubar when I need the dock while working in certain apps.

Hi cuiweicui,
Please either try the app or at least read its full description before posting a comment.

Why should people pay 15 dollar for this app which does nothing more than OS X's default?

I can't help but think that charging ten dollars for something that is such a minor inconvenience is a tad bit ridiculous. I guess I do not understand your labor costs and such but when seeing things like Open Office for free I am shocked that there are 4 people actually willing to shell out money on this. Especially after Factoryjoe has given a free way of doing it.

How about charging the same $10 for an app that integrates those full-screen apps into the MacOS X workflow instead? As in the other way around?

Turning the Dock on/off with a shortcut can be very useful. Great for those apps which are a single fullscreen window with loads of palettes, a timeline and stage views. I'll be using this with 3D, video and tooning software.

Hi link,

Hiding the Dock using the OS X keyboard shortcut will make the dock go offscreen until you move your mouse near the edge of the screen, at which point it reappears and obscures whatever is under it. Some people are annoyed by this.

See for a long explanation of why this is a bad thing.

Dock Gone prevents this annoyance.

Can't you just hide the Dock? There's a global keyboard shortcut to toggle Dock hiding: ⌘⌥D

Hi FactoryJoe.

1) The point of this program is to make hiding the Dock convenient. Not everyone wants to type in a command in Terminal every time they want to get the Dock out of the way. Especially when they can use a keyboard shortcut to toggle its visibility.

2) Your command doesn't work in Leopard. It just sends the Dock to the bottom of the screen.

Hmm. Is this really worth $10?

Try typing this in Terminal:

defaults write orientation -string top;killall Dock