Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2010-12-30 || License: Shareware ($29.95 USD) Developer: One-Button Mouse | App Owner: apiraino

Domain management software for the Mac.

DomainBrain is a handy tool for Mac OS X that helps webmasters and web designers keep track of server and login information for websites they maintain. Because domains in your brain stay mainly unretained.

DomainBrain is free for use with three or fewer domains, or $29.95 to keep track of four or more domains.

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I already have 1Password that I was using for this very reason, but I decided to give DomainBrain another try after it's 2.0 release. It is definitely an improvement from the last. I've decided to buy it and have something completely dedicated to my website credentials as I manage many many sites. I no longer have to intermingle all my client accounts with my banking accounts. Both apps serve their purpose, there's no problem with owning both. I also love how it can automatically pull up your WHOIS info and sync it to iCal.

I would like something like this, but just for managing my domains.. and making it really easy to register domains with a cheapest/reliable domain registrars

Thanks for adding it ncho, and for the kind words - I appreciate it! I can understand the uncertainty as to whether to mark it as freeware or shareware - if you only need four or fewer, then for all intents and purposes it is free. But the fact that there is that one restriction does make me lean more towards thinking shareware is a better designation.

I'm not sure how to transfer the app or change the designation unfortunately. I'll try to contact an admin later for help.

I added DomainBrain to the site, but wasn't sure if it was really, really shareware given that it's "sort of" free. Love the app, I can transfer ownership of the listing to you -- not sure how, though. It also appears that I'm unable to modify the entry, so I can't change the license to shareware.

Yes, that's true (sort of :) ) ... DomainBrain is free for use with up to four domains. For five or more, you need to purchase a license for $14. I'm the developer, but I didn't create this listing. I've requested that it be transfered to me, and once that happens I'll change the designation to shareware.

oops, only "sort-of"... :/

surprise! it's shareware, $14.00.