Version: 1.2 (v18580) || Release Date: 2010-11-17 || License: Commercial with demo ($24.95) Developer: plasq | App Owner: atariboy

Doozla is the easy-to-use drawing application for children. Four drawing options provide a guided start: an image, an iSight photo snap, a color-in image or a blank page.

Doozla also includes a stack of artwork designed for coloring in and coloring over.


  • Imagination inspiring worksheets
  • iSight support
  • Fullscreen, zero-distraction view
  • Vector drawing for smooth output
  • Tablet support

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1 Opinion

wonderful piece of drawing software for childrens. goes immediately fullscreen and has a pleasant easy interface.

the kids can paint fill-in graphics, something on a given picture (or isight photo) or paint a new one.

another important feature is the password for the interface... so your kids cant escape the program without the password!

there's nothing professional about this program, no layers, not even a selection tool, so if you aim for an easy drawing program for yourself you might have to go somewhere else.