Version: 2.4.3 || Release Date: 2016-08-01 || License: Shareware ($24.95) Developer: Echo One | App Owner: echoone

Stitches images together.

DoubleTake is for Mac users who like compact cameras, but sometimes wish they could magically pull out a wide angle lens of their pocket, or plug in a sensor with a few extra megapixels for that large print.

DoubleTake handles this by giving you both automatic and manual control of how to stitch photos perfectly, with simple drag and drop.

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5 Opinions

Great program: fast, intuitive, beautifully designed. Gets better with every update.

Very easy to use and very fast compared to other stitching SW I used so far.

A very good software, well worth the price. Much better that the software that came with my Canon 350D or working for hours in PhotoShop. 5/5

Great piece of software, results are very good. It does not handle complex panoramas super well. As long as you align your shots you'll be able to produce great results. I use this and AutopanoPro to deal with most of my pictures.

Amazing software! Stitches your panoramas, and allows you to align the images perfectly in a few minutes!!!